BRBNMPL Mysuru sets 3 world records

Though the central government’s ‘surgical strike’ on black money by scrapping Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes and its ever-changing policies have become a laughing stock in and outside the country, the hard work of the employees at the Mysuru’s currency printing press has surely become the talk of the town among foreign countries.

The Mysuru press has set three world records in currency note printing, reduced spoilage and cost of note, leaving behind America and China, according to former minister and working president of Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Employees Union (BRBNMEU), Mysuru, S A Ramadas.

The BRBNMPL Mysuru, Ramadas said, has beaten America and China in per employee currency printing rate. He said each employee in American currency printing units,  prints 8.5 million notes every year and 0.7 million notes per month while the number in China is 8 million notes a year and 0.66 million notes a month. “But, BRBNMPL Mysuru has recorded 10.8 million notes per employee in a year and 0.9 millions in a month in 2015-16. It’s a world record and every employee ought to be congratulated for achieving this,” Ramadas told mediapersons on Saturday.

 The BRBNMPL Mysuru has also left behind America in the percentage on spoilage of currency notes with the spoilage percentage in America being 3.5 percent whereas the percentage in BRBNMPL Mysuru is only 3 percent, he said.

Another record that BRBNMPL Mysuru has set, Ramadas added, was reduction in cost of currency notes. “While America spends Rs 4 to print each currency note, the printing cost at BRBNMPL Mysuru is Rs 3.1, the lowest amount spent for printing of a note,” he said. 

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