Breakfast and dinner provided in Hunsur Government School along with mid-day meal

Along with the mid-day meal by the government, breakfast and dinner will be provided for the government school children in Vijayapura colony. This programme organised by Prakruti Tribal Foundation Trust of Yashodapura in association with education department was inaugurated by Block Education Officer (BEO) Shivanna.

Shivanna said: “Education will be the only asset for poor and backward community in future. Government spends crores of rupees on education. But most of the people belonging to backward community are not utilizing the opportunity and their children are left uneducated. It is also making them anti-social. Government has made laws against parents who do not send their children to school. Such parents will be sent to jail.”

“Most of the parents in the village wander from place to place in search of work and they take their children along with them as there is no one to feed their children when they are out of village. This affected the education of the children adversely. Understanding this, we have started this scheme” said, Krishnaiah, president of Prakruti Foundation.

Books and writing materials were distributed to the students and a student of backward community was given financial assistance for bus pass.

President of grama panchayat Tammegowda, grama panchayat members Basavaraju, Hemanth, Sushilabayi, Kamalamma, members of the trust Subhashini, Subrahmanya, village heads, teachers, students and parents were present.

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