Britain’s Queen Elizabeth in line for pay rise

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth is set to receive a $72,000 a week pay rise, an official report revealed.

The Queen’s income is based on a percentage of money earned by the Crown Estate, one of the wealthiest real estate owners in Britain, Xinhua news agency reported.

In its annual report issued on Tuesday, the Crown Estate disclosed that it has delivered a record $405 million to the Treasury in the past year.

Unless the current formula is altered, it will mean that in 2017 the Queen’s pay packet will be almost $61 million, 6.5 per cent higher than the %57 million she is receiving this year, and representing a 57 per cent increase over what was paid in 2012.

The sum is worked out by paying to the Queen 15 per cent of the surplus made by the Royal Estate, paid two years in arrears.

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