Britons deserve better political leadership

There are many deeply worrisome aspects of the Brexit. There are fault-lines in the functioning of democracies not only in the UK but elsewhere as well. Democracies are anchored in the will of the people. This presumes, at the very least, that the people know what their will is or have been made aware of the consequences of their actions. Because democracy plays on a dumbed-down, lowest common denominator, this is often not the case. A discussion on the eve of the Brexit merits recall. The question: what would have a more negative implication for the world, a Brexit in Europe or a Trump victory in the US? The answer, overwhelmingly, was the Brexit.

Many believed, prior to the referendum, in a close call in favour of ‘remain’, as the outcome would mean ‘business as usual’.  Some of us were less sanguine, however, not because we predicted Brexit, but because a ‘referendum’ is dangerous at the best of times. Delusional politicians frame the proposition to be voted, most often, in rather simplistic terms.


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