BSY has no moral right to oppose Tipu Jayanti: CM

Lashing out at the state BJP president B S Yeddyurappa for his anti-Tipu Jayanti remarks, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that Yeddyurappa had no moral rights to oppose Tipu Jayanti as he himself was all in praise to Tipu while in KJP.

Speaking to media persons after arriving at the Mandakalli Airport yesterday evening to participate in a private function, the CM criticised Yeddyurappa for his dual stance on Tipu Sultan and said that people were aware of it and know how he was using Tipu for votes.

“He (Yeddyurappa) has been saying a lot in opposition of Tipu Jayanti. The person who dressed akin to Tipu Sultan in a convention of KJP and even visited Tipu’s grave in Srirangapatna, is now speaking against him. How come this sudden shift of perspective?” Siddaramaiah questioned.

“He has no moral rights to oppose Tipu Jayanti and he should stop politicising it,” the CM said.

Siddaramaiah also warned those who are intending to disturb law and order during the celebration of Tipu Jayanti tomorrow saying, “Trouble-makers won’t be spared and strict action would be taken against them”.

He reiterated that the state government was firm in celebrating Tipu Jayanti and all the security measures were in place to ensure the smooth conduct of the function.

 “It’s a government programme. We had celebrated it last year and will celebrate this year as well,” he said.

Siddaramaiah also advised MP Pratap Simha to refer some reliable historians and correct his knowledge of history on Tipu Sultan rather sticking to books written by British authors.

“A majority of books on Tipu Sultan were written by British authors of which, most of them have twisted the facts. British were the impeccable enemy of Tipu and how do you expect fair treatment from them in terms of writing,” he said when media persons told him about Simha’s comment advising Congress to correct its knowledge of history on Tipu.

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