CAA concerns all Indians, not just Muslims: MP Owaisi

Prime News, National, Hyderabad, December 23:- The fight against the new citizenship law is “not just the issue of Muslims” but concerns all Indians and there should be a sustained struggle against the legislation, AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi has claimed.

“Why should I stand in queue and tell that I am an Indian? I have been born in this land. I am a citizen (of India). All 100 crore Indians have to stand in queue (to submit proof of citizenship). This is not just the issue of Muslims but an issue concerning all Indians. I am telling ‘Modi-bhakts’ also. You also have to stand in queue and bring documents,” the Hyderabad MP said late Saturday night.

At a meeting organised by the United Muslim Action Committee, an umbrella body of various Muslim groups at Darussalam, the headquarters of AIMIM in the city, Owaisi asserted that Indian Muslims had chosen to remain India at the time of partition by rejecting “Jinnah’s two-nation theory.”

Claiming that BJP cited the existence of many Islamic nations, he asked what does he have to do with them.

“I am concerned about India and only India and my love is only with India. (You say) so many Islamic countries! You go there. Why are you telling me,” he said.

“I am Indian by choice and also by birth… If you want to fire bullets, fire. Your bullets would finish, but my love for India would not end. Our endeavour is to not hit but save the country,” he said.

The fight of Indian Muslims is for respect as they are being doubted even after 70 years, which, he said, is an insult. (Inputs: Agencies, NGB)

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