Call to youth to take up ancient sport, stay fit

“Youth from this generation must seriously take up ancient sport which is still prevalent and relevant, but we have totally neglected all our ancient sport which teaches self-defence and fitness,” said C S Arun Machaiah, President, Karnataka Karate Association, here on Saturday.

He was speaking at the inaugural ceremony of 23rd state- level Karate Championship-2017 organised by International Mabuni-Hashito-Ryu Karate Association at University Gymnasium Hall on in the city.

Inaugurating the programme, he said “Karate is one of the most admirable sports which teach us the fitness and keeps our mental health rejuvenated. Karate has been practiced by sportspersons across the world and has also been introduced in schools too.”

“However, nowadays, these kinds of sports have been neglected due to the technological advancements where children would like to play only video games. It is important to note that if one knows karate, it is very helpful for the self-defence of men and women,” he added.

K R Mohan Kumar, former chairman of Mysuru Urban Development Authority (MUDA) said “Sports and games must be a part of our lifestyle. We need to promote it in our society. Children must be allowed to participate in sports which keep them healthier and confident.”

“These days a sport is not practised unlike yesteryears as the focus is shifted towards securing more marks in the examinations. If a child is able to have the command over a sport, then it will be a much easier task for the child to handle the situation in our society. Parents must encourage their children to take up sports of their choice,” he added.

The karate competition will be held for two days in categories like age, gender, grades and others. The students from various schools in the city are taking part in the competitions.


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