Canadian MP speaks in Kannada in Parliament, draws praise

Prime News, International, National, Karnataka, Language, Politics, Ottawa, May 20:- Karnataka-born Canadian Member of Parliament Chandra Arya spoke in his mother tongue Kannada while addressing the Canadian Parliament and the video has now gone viral.

Chandra Arya took to Twitter to share this video and captioned it: “I spoke in my mother tongue (first language) Kannada in the Canadian parliament. This beautiful language has a long history and is spoken by about 50 million people. This is the first time Kannada is spoken in any parliament in the world outside of India.”

During his speech in Parliament, Arya said that it was a pleasure to be able to speak in Kannada, his mother tongue, in the Canadian Parliament and said it was a proud moment for Kannadigas.

Chandra Arya ended his speech with a poem by Kuvempu (considered one of Karnataka’s greatest poets of 20th century), which was sung by Dr Rajkumar. Remembering both in his speech, Chandra Arya said, “Elladaru iru enthadaru iru endendigu nee Kannadavaagiru,” which translates wherever you are, however you are, be a Kannadiga forever. (MR, Inputs: Agencies)

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