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Carpet care tips for monsoon

In then monsoon season, it is vital to keep your carpet clean and free from dampness.
Here we share some essential tips that will help you maintain your carpets in the rainy season:

* It is very vital to keep your carpet clean and free from dampness in the monsoon. Frequent vacuuming, as recurrent as two times a week, is recommended to clean dirt, moulds or any other residual from the carpet.

* Regular dusting and brooming of the carpet is also very important, to remove shredding dead fibres and flyaway which may cause allergies in rainy season if inhaled.

* In case of any accidental spillage or dampness on the rug, to get rid of foul odour and moisture, it is advisable to spread the carpet in the sun to dry.

* Most people avoid using rugs in the monsoon season to prevent any damage altogether. While you are storing away your carpet for the monsoon, remember to roll it, instead of folding, to protect from moisture and spills. Also add silica gel pouches to the stored carpet for absorption of any remaining or existing dampness.

* Instead of heavy wool and silk rugs, opt for beautiful alternatives like cotton carpets or dhurries, which are lightweight and dry quickly leading to less damage or fungus from the rains.

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