Cashless society is impossible until the society becomes casteless: Jnanaprakasha seer

“India cannot become a cashless society unless it becomes a casteless society,” said Jnanaprakasha seer of Urilinga Peddimutt.

He was speaking at the ‘Ambedkar Jayanti’ programme organized by the department of Ambedkar developmental studies on Wednesday.

“Ambedkar has beautifully explained the concept of casteless society. If India has to remain as India, Ambedkar is essential even today. Though the UN has accepted Ambedkar as a great scholar, some narrow minds in the country couldn’t digest the fact and hate Ambedkar,” he said.

“Ambedkar was an economic, social and political expert. He sacrificed his entire life to build a better India. He had provided everything to the labour class in the constitution. The ideologies of Ambedkar are solutions for the problems of the country,” he added.

Registrar of evaluation of UoM Prof J Somashekhar, Kalyana Siri Bhantheji of Bengaluru, assistant professor of Economics of Maharaja College Dr V Shanmugam, Director of Ambedkar study center Prof B K Tulasimala and others were present.

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