Cattle will vanish if we don’t protect them:  Seer

“The system which rules us is trying to destroy the cattle breeds. Amritamahal breed which was protected by the then kings of Mysuru is now on the verge of extinction,” said Raghaveshwara Bharati, seer of Ramachandrapura Mutt.

He was speaking at the Mangala Go yathre programme held at Jaganmohan Palace. “Amritamahal breed was giving 11 litres of milk at one time. Now it is capable of producing one litre of milk. The Amritamahal cattle which were in lakhs have now come down to a few thousands. If we don’t take up the matter of saving them, Amritamahal will be an extinct breed in near future,” he said.

“Ramachandrapura Mutt is ever ready to look after the cattle. We don’t ask the government for money or land, we request the government to provide the cattle for the sake of preserving the unique Indian cattle breeds,” he added.

“Earlier, kings were protecting the cows. In democracy, the citizens are the kings. It is our responsibility to protect the cattle. If villagers look after the cows, the urban community should use the products to preserve the cattle,” he said.

“We take up fights if we face any difficulty in the society. But why don’t we take up the difficulties of the cattle and demand for the ban on the killing of cattle? Even after being attacked for various false allegations, Raghaveshwara seer is fighting it for the Indian cattle and he should be appreciated for his efforts,” said Trinethra Swamiji of  Baby Mutt.

Maheshathmananda of Ramakrishnashram, Chidananda seer of Hosamutt, Elai Alwar seer, C V Krishnamurthy, farmer leader Belagola Subrahmanyam, S K Mittal and others were present.

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