CBI or NIA should interrogate Ramadas:  Somashekhar

“After demonetisation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in all his speeches, was telling that the issue was very confidential and was known to only 3-4 people, including him. It came as a shock to me when I heard former minister and state BJP leader S A Ramadas said that he was aware of the whole plan of demonetisation four months back. He claimed that he had even suggested to the RBI to increase the note security from features 4 to 8. If it is true, it is unacceptable and high security lapse by RBI,” said MLA M K Somashekhar.

He was addressing the press persons at a private hotel in the city on Sunday.

He demanded the RBI governor Urjit Patel to order an investigation by the NIA or CBI and resign from his post as the Governor.

“I would like to ask one simple question to the Prime Minister: Whom do we trust? You claim that demonetisation was very confidential and on the other hand, Ramadas says he knew it well in advance.”

“If this is the case, all the BJP leaders were aware of the issue and have successfully exchanged all their black money. Even Ramadas must have   already exchanged all his black money from the banks,” Somashekhar alleged.

He urged the Prime Minister to investigate the matter by CBI or NIA to arrest and punish the culprit. “I have sent a letter to the PM seeking immediate action,” he added. Congress leaders Sunil and Ravi were present.

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