CCB police rescue 4 children

CCB police have rescued four under age children who were into begging near the zoo parking on November 12. The children have been shifted to remand home in Vijayanagar.

The CCB police unit, led by ACP C Gopal, comprising inspector Y P Chandrakala, PSI H Ramesh, members Ravi, Raadesh, Manjula and Manunath were part of the rescue job.

Police stop child marriage

The city CCB police have successfully rescued a 16-year-old girl from the clutches of child marriage at Bettadapura, Ashokapuram. The police have also sent a notice to the parents of the girl on November 12.

The CCB unit was led by ACP Gopal with inspector Y P Chandrakala, PSI H Ramesh, members Sheela, Ravi, Jeevan, Radesh, Sahana Margaret and Manjunath.

39 drink and drive cases

Mysuru city traffic police have registered 39 cases of drink and drive in the city on November 12 from 8.30pm till 12.30pm.

Out of almost 715 vehicles checked, 39 vehicle drivers were registered which included 25 two wheelers, 9 cars, 2 lorries and 3 auto rickshaws under drink and drive case. The driving licences of these drivers will be cancelled and all the offenders have to appear in the court.

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