CCTV cameras to capture litterbugs

Cameras at strategic points to film people who throw garbage bags, food waste and construction material in public places

Beware, you can neither litter your street nor dump debris anymore. A number of CCTV cameras placed at vantage points will record your movements and the MCC authorities will land up at your doorstep with the notice demanding you to pay a fine or even for that matter, a case might be booked against you.

The plan to install CCTV cameras was initiated at Ward Number 65 on Saturday with Deputy Mayor Vanitha Prasanna leading the initiative. She, along with MCC officials, inspected the ward and identified the places where people usually dump garbage and debris. Cameras would be installed within a week, she told City Today.

“We want to take the Clean City initiative a step further. Usually when it comes to clean city tag, only the main areas such as bus stand, railway stations, in and around the palace and other areas gets attention. In the process, residential pockets are ignored. We want to focus on these areas to spread the message of cleanliness,” she said.

Explaining the initiative, the Deputy Mayor said: People have the habit of dumping garbage, food and plastic waste and construction material near parks, vacant sites, zoo surroundings and other public places. They generally do it during night. As we cannot monitor this 24/7, we are installing CCTV cameras. These electronic eyes will be installed at vantage points including trees and electric poles.”

A good step

“This is a very good move and the MCC must replicate this across all wards. Unfortunately people dump garbage and make the city dirty. They must be booked and punished so that our city remains clean.”

Mahadevamma, a resident of Ittigegudu

The MCC will monitor the CCTV footages regularly and identify people who dump waste. “A fine will be levied for the first-time offender. If the offence is repeated, a case will be booked with the authority bestowed on the MCC,” she said.

Initially, the cameras will be installed in Ward 65 and the areas including Kuvempunagar, Dattagalli and some wards that adjoin the Outer Ring Road. “A proposal will be placed before the council to install CCTV cameras across all wards,” she said.

“Residents, despite many awareness drives and publicity campaigns, do not hand over dry and wet waste when MCC vehicles come to their areas. Instead, they throw waste indiscriminately and don’t even throw them at designated bins. CCTV camera monitoring will put an end to all this,” Vanitha Prasanna reasoned.

Follow Singapore

“In Singapore people fear even to throw a piece of paper. They are socially aware and the laws are tough. It is a pleasure to go around Singapore. We too must follow their example. CCTV cameras and punitive measures will prove a deterrent,”

– Mara, a Pourakarmika who recently visited Singapore


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