CEDABI inauguration at MYRA School of Business tomorrow

MYRA School of Business, Mysuru, established in 2012, is launching a dedicated Centre of Excellence for Data Analytics and Business Insights (CEDABI). CEDABI will be inaugurated at Athena Auditorium in MYRA on March 9 at 4 pm.

CEDABI led by Dr Michael Shepherd, CEO, CEDABI and Professor of Computer Science, Dalhousie University, Canada, is focused on Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) and its contribution to economic growth. It aims to create a consortium of government and industry partners that will provide research problems and data, engage with MYRA researchers and students on these problems, and benefit from the ongoing research of the centre.


David J Kasik

According to Dr Shepherd, the centre will pursue synergies with other academic institutions where problems of making sense out of big data exist. The centre‘s mission is the development of the management and decision-making expertise to transform the operational observations of Big Data Analytics into strategic actionable Business Insights, he added.


Shaji Mathew

David J Kasik, senior technical fellow, the Boeing Company, Seattle, Washington, will deliver the keynote address, stated Mala Krishnaswamy, Deputy Director (Academics and Administration). Shaji Mathew, senior vice president and global head of delivery – financial services and head, Infosys, Mysuru, will be the chief guest, according to a press release from Prof Shalini Urs, founder and chairperson.

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