Celebrating Modi’s second term as PM over a cup of tea

Mysuru, May 31:- There were celebrations all over the city and of course, it was not without a reason. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) thumping victory in the general elections could not have given a better opportune moment for the saffron activists to rejoice. To mark the occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s supporters distributed tea to mark the swearing-in ceremony of their beloved leader on Thursday evening.

“It is a proud moment to celebrate Narendra Modi becoming Prime Minister for the second term. He was selling tea for a livelihood when he was a boy. It is a skill to prepare good tea and sell it. It also is a skill to lead the country on the right path. He has introduced India to foreign countries and brought investment under make in India scheme,” said the president of Modi Fans’ Association, Jayasimha Sridhar.

“People have voted Modi to power for the 2nd term observing the development works done in the last five years. We are hopeful that Modi will take the poor to the next level,” said Kadakola Jagadish.

Hundreds of people were given tea free of cost.

Apurva Suresh, Vijay Kumar Gowda, Sandesh Pawar, Ashokapuram Krishna, Suchindra, Sumanth, Ranganath and others were present. (MR/KS)

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