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Celebrity calendar, a new trend in Sandalwood

‘Celebrity Calendar’- a popular trend in Bollywood and other film industry has made a mark in Kannada film Industry too.

Photographer Lohit Rajkumar has captured Sandalwood celebrities for the new ‘Kannada Celebrity Calendar’ which is not just glamorous but ‘eye-popping’.

The star-studded calendar was launched by Sandalwood actor Sharan and filmmaker Tharun Sudhir at an event held recently.

Lohit Raj, a photographer and a passionate filmmaker, has captured the Sandalwood celebrities through his camera. He began capturing Sandalwood celebrities from last year as he wanted to bring in the trend of ‘Celebrity Calendar’ to the Kannada film Industry.

Lohit Rajkumar

With huge support from the Kannada cine actresses, he began to shoot for the ‘star-studded calendar’ early in this year and had to cope up with actresses’ dates to bring in the calendar. The calendar (June 2018 to May 2019) features actress Ragini Dwivedi, Sangeetha Bhat, Bhavana Rao, Sukrutha Deshpande, Shubha Poonja, Radhika Chetan, Sushmitha Joshi, Akanksha Gandhi, Sachintha Padukone, Shravya Rao, Nikitha Narayan and Kirti Lakshmi. The calendar will be distributed to the technicians and artists of Kannada film industry at free of cost.

Speaking to CityToday, Lohit Raj said, “Celebrity Calendar is not a new concept but it is new to the Kannada film Industry. Bollywood and other film industry have brought out many such calendars in the past but this is a fresh concept to the Sandalwood. All actresses posed for the calendar without charging a single rupee and encouraged me to come up with this idea. Being a star actress Ragini supported me in making this calendar possible and she can be seen as the main highlight in the calendar. In future, I will continue the same work and introduce theme-based celebrity calendar.”

Sharing her experience, ever-charming Ragini said, “We shot for an unusual shoot this time and was happy that it was for the celebrity calendar by Lohit Raj. It was a great experience shooting for the calendar and was happy to extend my support for this venture. I wore a ‘flowery-flowery’ gown for the shoot designed by Balaji and styling was done by Rudraksh Dwivedi. I felt good that the celebrity calendar is being introduced in the Sandalwood. The whole team was fantastic and I hope that every year they come up with similar type of calendars.”

– Karthik K K

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