Centre has not released funds for developmental works: MP

Prasad’s decision to quit Congress is saddening: Dhruvanarayan

“There has been a lot of criticism against me as Mahathma Gandhi Udyog Khatri and Sansad Adarsh Grama scheme has not been effectively implemented. But the truth is that no money has been released by the central government to implement these schemes to benefit the people,” said Chamarajanagar MP Dhruvanarayan.

He was addressing the press meet held at Jaladarshini on Friday.

“The NDA government has a step-motherly attitude towards Karnataka and non-BJP ruled states. They haven’t released fund even to repair the roads. BJP is conspiring against me for not implementing the schemes effectively, but no one is ready to ask the government to release funds for the developmental activities,” he said.

“I am working to develop the roads in my constituency with the  help of the state government. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, and Rural Development Minister H K Patil have written letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to release adequate funds for the effective implementation of the schemes. We have not received any positive feedback from the central government. Such attitude by the Centre doesn’t augur well in a in a federal system,” he added.

“About 110 taluks in the state are declared as drought hit. Rs 1000 crore should have been released to carry out various rural development works in order to provide job to the drought-hit people under Mahathma Gandhi Udyog Khatri scheme. The drought situation is forcing people to migrate to other places in search of job and food. I will raise voice against this in the Parliament in the upcoming session,” he said.

Speaking on veteran leader V Srinivas Prasad’s decision to quit Congress, Dhruvanarayan said, “He is a senior leader. I am personally saddened by his decision. I will speak to the KPCC president and request him convince Prasad to stay in the Congress. Many have spread rumours that I am planning to quit Congress, which is far from truth. If I am something today, it is because of the Congress and there is no question of leaving the party,” he concluded.

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