Centre sanctioning ED, IT raids in Karnataka: Siddu

Launching an all-out attack on the central government, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that the BJP at the Centre was hell bent on bringing a bad name to the Congress in Karnataka and the ED and IT raids at the residences of Congress leaders were part of its campaign against the Congress.

Speaking to media persons after arriving at the Mandakalli Airport to participate in private and government programmes on Sunday, Siddaramaiah said that the central government was intentionally targeting Congress-run states and its ministers. “It was part of its campaign ahead of the assembly election in the state.”

“It is surprising that all the raids are taking place in Congress-run states. Is there no money with the ministers in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana? Why there isn’t any raid there,” the CM questioned.

Commenting on the raid on the residence of Minister for Small Scale Industries Ramesh L Jarkiholi and subsequent claims of undisclosed property worth Rs 162 crore along with cash, Siddaramaiah said that IT sleuths did not provide him any such information when he wrote a letter to them through the chief secretary. “The investigation is under process” was all that I was told.

But the Prime Minister Narendra Modi announcing in a rally in Punjab that Rs 162 crore worth property was seized from Karnataka minister was surprising as to who could have provided him with the information if the investigations are still under way, he questioned and said that it clearly showed political vendetta and prove that raids were central-sanctioned.

Demonetisation drive was to extort money

Siddaramaiah said that the central government’s demonetisation drive to clean up black money was actually to divert the minds of people from the ‘failure policies’ of the government and to extort money.

The central government knew that the black money was majorly in the form of property and gold and not cash. He said the demonetisation was a move behind which the central government thought it could hide its failure and divert people’s mind.


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