Certification for Swimming Life Guard held in city

The University of Mysore in association with Karna­taka Swimming Association, the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sci­ences, University of Mysore, conducted the Swimming Life Guard Certification for students and the interested aspirants at the University Swimming Pool on Tuesday.

More than 25 participants took the tests to qualify themselves as certified Life Guards. A pre-test was con­ducted to test the ability of the participants before the certification.

The Life Guard Certifica­tion includes CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) and First Aid Training, which will be conducted at a later stage for those who qualify in the pre-test.

The certificate is valid for three years and it should be renewed thereafter by ap­pearing for the fitness test again.

TD Vijayaraghavan, Vice President, Swimming Feder­ation of India, Sindhya, Sec­retary Karnataka Swimming Association, MP Nabhjiraj, member of Karnataka Swim­ming Association, T Put­taswamy, swimming coach, University of Mysore, Sund­aresh S, swimming coach – Team India and Madhi Alagan, Associate Professor, College of Physical Educa­tion and Sports Sciences, University of Mysore, were present during conduct of the tests.”

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