Chain-snatchers strike again; police on high alert

Mysuru, May 3:- Mysureans are in a state of a daze by the continuous chain-snatching incidents in the city. Hit hard by the public criticism, the police are determined to nab the culprits under any circumstances. Leaving no stone unturned, the police are strictly checking every other suspicious bike rider. Police are stopping bikes and collecting information. While they are on a high alert, police are also advising the public to take care of their precious belongings.

Crime and Traffic Police have joined hands in the operation. Bikers are being stopped on every road and checked thoroughly. Police are registering the names of bike owners, bike numbers and other details.

Mysuru Commissioner of Police K T Balakrishna has formed three separate teams to apprehend the chain-snatchers. The thieves are said to be from neighbouring state, Maharashtra. Suspicion is that they may have come to Karnataka on Pulsar bikes and staying in lodges which are not well-known.

These chain-snatchers, who usually speak Hindi, approach women on the pretext of tracing some address. Even before the women can act or realise what is happening, these thieves pounce on them and speed away after snatching their gold chains. According to police sources, so far, the chain-snatching incidents that have been reported in the last two days have been committed by the same gang.

On earlier occasions, local gangs used to be involved in chain-snatching cases but with the arrival of new gangs from Maharashtra, city police have a tough task on hand.  Most of the inspectors and ACPs have been transferred after the election code of conduct came into effect last month. The present team of police is fairly new and it could be difficult for them to keep a tab on the chain-snatchers. Given this scenario, the police said it has become a headache for both the police department and the public. (MR/KS).

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