Chain snatchers strike again,three incidents reported

Elderly women are targeted, security tightened all over the city

Chain snatching menace is back again to haunt Mysureans. After a brief lull, chain snatchers struck again on Monday. The city woke up to three shocking incidents of chain snatching at Ramakrishna Nagar, Kuvempu Nagar and Hebbal Layout.
The police suspect the involvement of the same team in all the three snatching incidents. The first theft case took place at Ramakrishna Nagar. A gold chain belonging to one Chudamani (65), weighing 45 grams, was snatched from her at 7:15 am. In a well-planned move, the chain snatchers approached Chudamani and asked her for a particular address of one teacher Padma. Even as they lady was wondering if there was anyone in the area by that name, the duo snatcher her chain and left the spot on their bike in a jiffy.

Another half-an-hour later, to be precise 7:45 am, the snatchers made their presence felt at Saraswathipuram. They approached one Gowramma (68) on the pretext of enquiring about an address. Before the lady could understand what was happening, the duo snatched her 60 gram gold chain and vanished in no time.

At 8:15 am, an elderly lady by name Shakeela Begum at Hebbal Layout was targeted Begum. The chain snatchers reportedly spoke in Urdu with Shakeela Begum and made good with her 30-gram gold chain. In all the three cases, elderly people were targeted.
Kuvempu Nagar ACP Mallik visited the snatching spot in Ramakrisna Nagar and Saraswathipuram. Vijayanagar ACP Umesh Sait visited the snatching spot at Hebbal.
It may be recalled that such series of chain snatching incidents took place two years around same time. Then also the snatchers approached their victims asking for some address. Police had nabbed a team of 16 members that was involved in chain snatching and other theft cases.
They were arrested in Bengaluru and were kept in Hanumantha Nagar police station. They were released on bail recently. The police suspect the involvement of the same team in the recent chain snatching cases. The police have tightened the security to avoid such incidents as Dasara is nearing and have requested the citizens to inform them if they find any group or bikers roaming around in a suspicious manner.
The police have also requested the public to be cautious and extend their support to them. The police have said that the chain snatching incidents take place more near the outer ring road and residential areas. The police are analysing the CCTV footages of the houses in the where the incidents took place. Security is tightened in the city as a preventive measure and police have started patrolling in and around the city.

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