Chama Cheluve to turn 100, going strong

In a world of conflicts with ever widening chasms between every individual and society, there is an urgent need to re-establish meaningful social condition through music, dance, art and theatre.

Natana, established in 2001 to involve children and youth in performing arts later grew as a professional group. Natana approaches theatre rooted in folk, history, mythology and in local traditions through contemporary means. By making young minds to learn dance, music, painting and film appreciation, Natana seeks to pass on the cultural experiences of a generation to a new audience.

Natana’s old productions like Alibaba, Dhaam Dhoom Suntaragaali, Nayitippa, Ratnapaksi, Chora Charanadasa, etc have crossed 100 shows and now Chaamachaluve is in the same path.

Every tradition and ritual conformed by myths and folklore has an underlined thought which act over them; and the socio-cultural behaviors existed in one particular age are interlinked with the faith and beliefs of that particular time which is clearly reflected in our folklore and has a strong influence on it.


The play Chamacheluve is based on a famous folktale regarding well known deities like Chaamundeshwari, Urimaari and Nanjundeshwara who are integral part of the day to day life of the people who reside in Mysuru region. The play gives enormous insight and brilliant thoughts which provoke the intellect of the audience.  Nanjundeshwara, a deity of Nanjanagoodu and the husband of Deviri and Parvathi gets attracted to Chaamundi, another deity who killed the demon Mahishaasura. Unaltered Pure love between Nanjunda and Chaamundi which crosses the caste and social boundaries of the society is the preoccupation and undercurrent of the play.

The folk narrative employed in this production transforms the godly characters into mere human beings. This ability to shift the mythical characters who are imposed with divine powers into common human beings and interrogate them with a human perspective is the unique quality of folklore which could be seen nowhere in literature.

The play mocks at the cultural and class hierarchy, discrimination based on colour, caste and gender that still exist in the contemporary society.  Presenting the pure folk narrative accompanied by the native folk music is one of the main features of this production.

Natana presents its 100th show at Ravindra Kalakshethra, Bengaluru on September 4, 2016 at 6:30 pm.

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