Chaos in train

I had a rare chance of travelling by the evening Chamundi Express at 6:15 pm from Bengaluru to Mysuru. As I entered the coach, I witnessed the fighting between some passengers for seats as some of the regular passengers try to reserve the seats for their colleagues who arrive at the last minute. But the existing passengers will be standing and staring at the vacant seats. But if any of them try to occupy these seats, fight erupts. Luckily, the fight ended with the intervention of co-passengers or otherwise it would have even led to fisticuffs. Fights on a regular basis are common, it seems.  The compartments are crowded and some even stand on the gaps between the seat rows pushing on the foot steps on the sitting passengers, leaving no space. Some passengers, who have no seats, continue to stand even up to Mandya for over two hours. Is it possible for a senior citizen like me to stand for such a long time? How long such passengers’ woes can continue ? Can they not put extra coaches at least up to Maddur to overcome this problem until a new train is introduced at a future date. No doubt our MP Pratap Simha is trying his level best to get a new train but when? Why Centre is acting like this? In Chennai, they have locomotives to cover nearby places. But a suburb train from Bengaluru to Channapatna remains a dream still. While Bengaluru is lucky with metro trains, suburan passengers who form the most labourers for industries and business houses of Bengaluru  suffer the most. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and  MPs from the state  should apply more pressure on the Centre to hasten the new projects like introduction of new trains including the suburban train to come true at the earliest. 


KV Ramanath, Mysuru

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