Chasing dreams is fine but at what cost

How many of us have actually not even once thought of taking a break from the 9-6 jobs we do for monetary benefits and go with what our heart wants? Not sure about how many of us actually have quit our jobs to follow our dreams, landed into misery and on the contrary we also have some great examples of people who have been successful in chasing their dreams.

Does quitting our regular jobs a mandatory thing to follow our passion?

There are a lot of times, where I have personally heard people saying that they are planning to quit their jobs and start off on their own, yes; that’s an awesome deal but, when I ask myself the same question – most of the times, my heart and brain nod sideways politely indicating that it is a “NO”.  Well, this does not mean we do not like to chase our dreams, it simply means that it is not the right time yet.

Don’t we have anybody who has tried creating a harmony between their regular jobs and their passions or is it a criteria to quit our regular jobs if we have to chase our dreams?

It’s sometimes unfortunate to see youngsters these days taking their regular jobs as a joke and go after what they call is their passion and end up miserably. With the increased competition in the market and fewer opportunities, planning becomes an extremely important step before we take a step towards anything.

It’s great to chase your dreams with a vision but deciding on the spur of the moment and letting go the regular jobs that pay of the bills at the end of the month would certainly be unwise and lack of clarity in the thoughts. With the commodities price increasing and with less jobs in the market, shouldn’t we for a while sit and through the situation.

The fire within should always desire to chase the dreams and be a guiding light instead of creating a havoc between the brain and heart leading to confusions between PASSION AND REGULAR JOBS.

By Sreehari Sukumaran

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