Cheating case: Jeweler files complaint

Mysuru, June 14:- A cheating complaint has been registered against against Man Mandir Jewelers  by the owner of NS Jewelers, Suresh at Lashkar police station. The complaint accuses Man Mandir of cheating Suresh to the tune of Rs 67.42 lakh.

NS Jewelers was running a scheme and accordingly, Man Mandir took Rs 43.42 lakh in cash and then gold worth Rs 24 lakh from  Suresh. As security, Man Mandir issued two post-dated cheques. When Suresh  submitted cheques to the bank, he received a stop payment memo. Despite repeated reminders to Manohar Singh of Man Mandir, Suresh has not got his money. Left with no other option, Suresh approached the police for justice. (MR/KS).

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