Chikkanna threatens legal battIe if Somashekar doesn’t resign

Former corporator M C Chik­kanna said that he would wage a legal battle seeking disqualification of MLA M K Somashekar for obtain­ing fake caste certificate.

Addressing a press con­ference on Friday he said that orders from the District Caste Certification Commit­tee has held Somashekar guilty of producing fake caste certificate.

“Now the law should take the course of action. If it fails, I will approach the High Court of Karnataka. He reminded MLA M K So­mashekar of his promise to quit, if he was proven guilty of furnishing fake caste certificate. Now that it has been proven and if he has integrity he should resign,” he said.

He urged the Dalit or­ganisations to not invite the legislator for any Ambedkar Jayanti programmes as he was unworthy of it.

He produced reports in various newspapers where the MLA had made con­sistent effort to tarnish his image during the elections of 2008 and said that now it was the time of victory.

It may be recalled that former corporator M C Chikkanna had complained against MLA Somashek­har to the Mysuru District SC and ST Caste Verifi­cation Committee and al­leged that Somashekhar had produced fake caste certificates to obtain gas agency rights and also to secure tickets for the elections.

A probe committee headed by Deputy Com­missioner C Shikha was formed which submitted the report stating that Somashekhar who be­longed to the Kuruba com­munity had obtained fake caste certificate as Kadu Kuruba.


Meanwhile, President District Congress Commit­tee B J Vijay Kumar address­ing a press conference, on Friday, at Press Club said the DC’s orders contained several flaws and that the enquiry was not conducted as per the directions of the High Court of Karnataka.

He noted that allegation of fake caste certificate was but a conspiracy of former minister S A Ramadas who through Chikkanna had filed the complaint.

The case was pending for the past eight years and the committee headed by the DC submitted its report stating that Somashekar was a Kuruba and not a Kadu Kuruba as claimed by his fake caste certificate.

Speaking to reporters at a different event on Fri­day Chief Minister Sidda­ramaiah stated that he was unaware of the finding that accused MLA Somashekar of furnishing a fake caste certificate and further de­clined to make any comments.

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