Child abuse and trafficking a blot on the society: DC

D Randeep, Deputy Commissioner on Saturday told: “The child sexual abuse and child trafficking have still remained a taboo in our country,” at “Human Chain”, an awareness programme organised jointly by Young Indians and Rotary Club Mysore at Centenary Clock Tower, Manasa Gangothri.

Addressing about 1000 people on the occasion, he said: “Although the government has enacted many stringent laws to control the child sexual abuse and child trafficking in the country, we are not able to curb this social evil.”

“In order to achieve development, a country needs to ensure the education, health and food to every child and this is where we need to work for. The transformation of the society lies with the mental and physical stability of a child,” the DC said.

“Thus the children should always be faithful and should always be courageous to express their problems with the ones they trust. Then it would be much easier to solve this problem in developing nations like ours,” he added.

Earlier, Ramya Bopanna, President, Young Indians said: “Child Trafficking and Child Sexual Abuse have been rampant even after so many developmental activities in the country. The ultimate loophole lies with the awareness in this regard. We need to spread awareness against this social evil,” she added.

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