Children of pourakarmikas enthral audience at cultural fest

The valedictory of three-week long cultural fest of pourakar­mika children was an occasion to display their hidden talents and the Painting exhibition at Kalamandir explored their emotional attachments on several day-to-day issues. All the paintings displayed were drawn and painted by children aged between 7 and 14 years.

Joining hands with pro­fessional Nagari artistes, chil­dren chorused energetically to play the 125 Nagari band. Besides, children enthralled the audience through vari­ous folk dances enhancing of different cultures includ­ing Dwaja Kunitha, a dance by holding flag on a lengthy stick, Lambani dance, Dollu Kunitha, Kamsale dance and dance-drama.

I cannot believe that the children of pourakarmikas can perform to such a great extent. I feel proud of our children. It is a great achievement. Thanks for mentors to train who trained our children.
– Madamma 55, sweeper in Gayathri puram of MCC ward 61, resident of Jyothinagar.

Speaking at the event, Dr K Marula Siddappa said that such cultural pro­grammes with the participa­tion of pourakarmika children should be organised across the state to change the mind­set of the people on human values. “Education alone cannot change the mindset of people, the government should focus on cultural activities to make positive changes in the society that practice class-based culture from thousands of years, he underlined. Rangayana di­rector H Janardhan said that music instruments used by Dalit folk artistes for popular music has a strong base and is probably used at religious functions in Hindu rituals.

Kannada film industry senior singer B K Sumithra enthralled the audience with her popular melodious song `Madhura Madhura ee Man­jula Gaana.’

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