Children plant saplings, celebrate Ambedkar jayanti

Parents today are more concerned about the growth of their children and hence are serious about providing their children with the best even during the summer vacation. Thus, summer camps have become an important part of children’s vacation where children are allowed to explore their artistic side.

Aniketana summer camp organised by Rangayana stands out from all other summer camps in the city has it has been registering large number of children with every passing year.

On Thursday, children as part of the camp were allowed to plant saplings to mark the 125th birth anniversary of Dr B R Ambedkar and hold an interaction with Deputy Director Karnataka Police Academy Dharani Devi Malagatti.
It was a challenging task for Dharadevi Malagatti to narrate the story of Dr B R Ambedkar that was marked by a lot of hurdles and discrimination.

A kid wondered why Ambedkar was treated as an untouchable? To which Dharanidevi said that then it was a debased practice and how Ambedkar stood against it and owing to his struggle today we are empowered to question the ills of the society.

Among all the trees cotton stands out to be unique as it yields fruit without any flower. Such is the personality of Dr B R Ambedkar who strove for the welfare of all more so the oppressed, marginalized and the voiceless, she added.

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