Children sell homemade food

Mysuru, May 9:- ‘Sir, come here, see how tasty it is. Try this, it is homemade food. It’s too good for health. Look at the vegetables, how fresh!’ these are all the scenes from the children’s market!

The fair was held at Rangayana to make children know about business. More than hundred small shops are selling varieties of fruits, vegetables, snacks, and other food items. The owners of the shops, small children were attracting the buyers with their talking skills and cuteness. Tender coconut juice, jaggery panaka and other drinks were being sold due to the hot weather.

Speaking to City Today, the children said “We were only concentrating on studies and we would have been easily cheated while buying small things at shops. To make us aware, this fair is organised. We are selling the homemade food items and vegetables. Mother had cooked all these for us.” The kids have also proved that they are less to none.


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