Chilling cold in Mysuru; animals die in zoo

The sudden dip in temperatures and the chilling cold in the heritage city are leading to the death of several animals in the renowned Mysuru zoo. The temperature of the city has witnessed a sudden dip in the past few days.

A pregnant zebra, which was brought from Israel, king cobra, rhinoceros, fox and a loris have died in the past one week. Responding to the deaths of the animals, Executive Director of Mysuru zoo, Kamala Karikalan said that some of the animals including the king cobra have died of aging and it is not any sign of scare for the animal lovers.

She refused any prevailing difference between the officials and the employees of the zoo that was stated to be the cause of deaths of the animals. “The deaths cannot be informed to the public as soon as it happens as the post mortem report only gives the appropriate reason for the deaths of the animals.”

The veterinary doctors and the staff have started to take care of the animals to safeguard them from the chilling cold.

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