China continues opposing India’s entry into NSG

China on Friday contin­ued to oppose India’s entry to the Nuclear Suppliers Group, saying the global non-prolifer­ation order would col­lapse if New Delhi was allowed exception.

“If exceptions are al­lowed here or there on the question of NPT, the international non-pro­liferation order then will be collapsed altogeth­er,” Wang Qun, Director General of the Depart­ment of Arms Control of China’s Foreign Ministry, said in a statement from Seoul.

“In the absence of NPT as a political and le­gal basis, it will be incon­ceivable for the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or the Iran nuclear deal) to be reached,” he added.

“And moreover, it will add huge difficul­ty to implementation of the JCPOA. And in the absence of NPT as the political and legal basis, how could the nucle­ar issue on the Korean Peninsular be resolved? All these merit reflection. While it’s easy to adopt double standards, the consequence can be enormous,” Wang add­ed. All eyes will be on the crucial meeting to be held at Seoul.

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