China installs new shelters for troops near LAC in eastern Ladakh

Prime News, International, National, Defence, New Delhi, September 28:- China has put in place new modular container-based accommodations for its troops in several high-altitude forward areas on its side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh in response to Indian deployment in the region, people familiar with the developments said on Monday.

The shelters were installed in locations near Tashigong, Manza, Hot Springs and Churup among others, in reflection of simmering tensions between the two sides in the region, they said.

The people cited above said China’s People Liberation Army has been feeling the heat of the Indian response to its “misadventure” in the region last year and that the Chinese military has been forced to go for long deployments and boost infrastructure in the region.

They said the Indian response to the Chinese actions last year, particularly after the Galwan Valley clashes, surprised the neighbouring country and that it deployed troops in areas where it never used to earlier.

“Our strategy is hurting them. They are reacting to our response. We have forced the PLA to go for forward deployment and boost infrastructure,” said one of the people.

They said the new deployments are appearing to be affecting the morale of the Chinese troops as they were not used to operating in such difficult terrain.

The new container-based accommodations were built in addition to the additional military camps that the Chinese military had set up following the escalation in tension between the two sides last year.

The people said India is also ramping up construction of tunnels, bridges, roads and other critical infrastructure in eastern Ladakh and other areas along the nearly 3,500-km LAC.

They said China is also significantly enhancing its airbases and air defence units near the LAC in eastern Ladakh. (Inputs: Agencies, NGB)

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