Chinese man caught at India-Bangladesh border carried 1,300 Indian SIM cards to China: BSF

Prime News, National and International, Telecom, Fraud, Finance, New Delhi, June 12:- The Chinese national apprehended while trying to cross the India-Bangladesh border illegally told the investigators that he and his associates have smuggled as many as 1,300 Indian SIM cards into their country by hiding them in undergarments, the Border Security Force (BSF) said on Friday (June 11).

The Chinese national, Han Junwe, was nabbed by a BSF patrol party from the Malda district of West Bengal on Thursday (June 10).

After a preliminary interrogation, the BSF handed over the Chinese intruder to the local police station on Friday.

According to the BSF, the Chinese national used forged Indian documents to carry 1,300 Indian SIM cards to China. His associates smuggled the SIM card into China, concealing it in their undergarments.

“These SIM cards were used to hack into accounts and perpetrate other forms of financial fraud. Their goal was to defraud people by using SIM cards to withdraw money from ATMs,” said BSF in a statement.

During questioning by the BSF and other agencies in Mohadipur, the Chinese intruder was identified as Han Junwe (36), a native of China’s Hubei city. (MR, Inputs: Agencies)

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