Chinese media exposes Sino-Pak nexus on Kashmir

Prime News, International, Beijing, July 26:- Chinese media has exposed the Sino-Pak nexus as it warned New Delhi that it can enter Kashmir on Pakistan’s invitation.

India has always been saying that Pakistan is fomenting trouble in Jammu and Kashmir under the Chinese patronisation.

Continuing their tirade against India, the state owned Chinese media has warned New Delhi that China can enter Kashmir on Pakistan’s invitation.

An opinionated piece by John Gong titled “Time for a second lesson for forgetful India” published in the Global Times said, “No matter what vassalage relationship India maintains with Bhutan, it baffles this author that India has the courage to transgress another country on its behalf. And in this case, Indian troops even entered into Doklam from the China-Sikkim border. Well, if this kind of logic holds, a third country can certainly enter into Kashmir, including India-controlled Kashmir, upon Pakistan‘s invitation.”

The op-ed accused India of transgressing China’s borders and trying Chinese people’s patience in the on-going standoff, adding that no government in the world can stand still doing nothing while its borders are being violated.

The opinion piece said that it is time that India is taught a second lesson as it continues down this intransigent path.

-(NGB, Inputs: Agencies)

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