Chinnara Mela: Lessons in religious tolerance for kids

If there is one word that has been dominating the headlines in India today, it is intolerance. Each group with their brand and definition of intolerance has only resulted in debates. While no positive attempts are being made to stabilise the situation.

 Aniketana, a month-long summer camp, organised by Rangayana for the students on its campus is using theatre to create among the children.

The much-awaited annual Chinnara Mela has thus proved to be a classroom with a difference. Though, it mainly focuses on dance, music and other cultural activities, several activities have been designed to inculcate a love for nature and national integrity among the children. To foster acceptance and appreciation of different faiths being practiced in our society, children will be taken on a visit to temple, mosque and church. This act would thus encourage children to appreciate religious tolerance at an early age. The creativity and personality of the children will be enhanced in multifold manner.

Parents nowadays who are concerned about their children’s growth are keen on making their children’s summer holidays meaningful. Summer camp such as this has provided the much-needed platform.

There are more than hundred summer camps in the city. One such summer camp is Rangayana’s Chinnara mela whose strength is growing every year. The camp which was started a decade ago remains to be one of the most popular summer camps in the city.

Rangayana with its innovative ideas has responded well to the changing social scenario in the society. Recently, during its 25th year celebrations to highlight the woes of the farmers in the state and to dissuade them from committing suicide it ran a popular campaign ‘Raitharaedege Rangayana Nadige’ to instill confidence among the farming community.

“Every day we are taught group songs, physical exercises, yoga and dance. We will be visiting religious places in Mysuru. It is a very good experience to be in Chinnara Mela,” said the 12-year olds taking part in the camp.

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