Choosing right partner to build your home

A finance executive who retires in two years is a visibly worried man. The family home in Saraswathipuram, built in the early 1970s, is unlikely to provide all the comforts he has become accustomed to in company-provided rented apartments. He is now seriously looking at rebuilding his dated house.

Another also has a home built in the mid-1970s. Based in Lakshmipuram, she lives comfortably enough, but she wants her two daughters and sons-in-law to move in close to her and so wants to rebuild her home.

Both are fortunate enough to have the money to re-model their homes, but what they don’t have is the energy to run after builders and contractors. They also hate the thought of making trips to civic offices to get approvals.

Based on our experience of designing and building residential homes, here is our advice to these two and countless others like them on how to go about choosing the right home builder. Here’s a list of critical aspects that help choose developers to design and build your dream home to fit your family needs.

Building a modern home is no longer an exercise of using bricks and mortar to raise four walls with a roof above. A residential home needs seamless integration of design, construction and understanding of civic approval norms, sticking to those and yet building a spacious home.

Look for a builder with a team that demonstrates a good understanding of how to use space, light and ventilation effectively. Equally important is to look for someone who is familiar with new construction materials and practices. Look for someone who spells out the cost and delivery schedules and has a process to meet these two critical parameters.

Ask if they stick to the approved national code for buildings, structures, de-shuttering, electrical and plumbing. If you don’t get a satisfactory answer you can be certain that you are settling for compromises on safety. After all, you are going in for building a multi-storeyed home and you don’t want to risk your life with poor quality material. Ask him also about the practices followed to keep workers safe. How will issues involving inconveniences to neighbours be addressed?

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