Chris Gayle to stir cocktails in Bengaluru

West Indian opener Chris Gayle will be stirring customised cocktails along with mixologist Ami Shroff as part of an event hosted by vodka brand Smirnoff here on Sunday. The cricketer says he loves bartending.

“I love playing the bartender and entertaining at home with interesting cocktails. Smirnoff mixes beautifully with almost everything and I am looking forward to the challenge of coming up with amazing drinks from what is in people’s fridges,” Gayle shared.

For the event, a social campaign #MixwithSmirnoff has been started. It has been co-created with Soho Square Digital and is the first of a series of digital initiatives to help Indian consumers find easy ways to make interesting vodka cocktails at home.

Those who wish to participate, can share an image on Instagram or Facebook of what’s in their fridge, and then Gayle and Shroff would create unique and customised cocktails for you from what they see.

The video of Gayle and Shroff crafting these personalised cocktails will be immediately uploaded on the vodka brand’s social media handles, dedicating it to the consumer.

Commenting on the initiative, Nitesh Chhapru, portfolio marketing head at United Spirits, said: “With Chris and Ami as our bartenders for the day, almost real-time social media engagement and the personalized cocktail videos, we are attempting to demonstrate to our consumers how simple and fun it is to open up a world of drinks within their homes.”

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