CII and Yi organise initiative on organ donation

Mysuru, August 17:- The ‘Gift An Organ’ initiative was started as a joint effort by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Young Indians (Yi). This initiative that started in 2015 was a collaboration between all leading hospitals in the city that were involved in organ transplantation.

In 2016, Gift An Organ became a national project for Yi and was adopted by all the 40 chapters across the country. The initiative which had its roots in Coimbatore is now a national initiative, spearheading a national movement, spreading awareness on organ donation.

We are not here to change a human habit, but simply to correct unwarranted belief. With the large population, India is always famed for, changing the mindset of few hundred thousand would be the aim of the project – which could hopefully mean changing the life stories of a few people who lie in wait for organ donors. Almost everyone reading this would nod their heads at the idea of organ donation but very few of us actually have taken those 10 minutes to pledge our organs.

Thus, we believe in a well-rounded communication programme to promote the cause. Under the initiative, a series of events for the general public, for the medical fraternity and targeted outreach activities are constantly organised across the country. Through the project, GAO and CII-Yi have impacted millions of people!

Yi Mysuru’s vertical Gift An Organ organised an awareness session on organ donation at Vinyas Innovative Technologies Pvt Ltd, Mysuru and Theorem India Pvt Ltd, recently.

The session was conducted to create awareness and educate the employees of the companies about this noble cause.

Yi – chapter chair Ghanashyam Murali, along with Yi members Sneha Ghanashyam, Soumya S D, Nikhil Koundinya and Raghavendra Rao Mane were present. (MR)

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