CII Yi holds session with CEO, Unilog Content Solutions

Young Indians (Yi) Mysuru had organised ‘Coffee with CEO’ with Achutha K Bachalli, Founder, and CEO, Unilog Content Solutions at Hotel Quorum recently.

Achutha K Bachalli
Achutha K Bachalli

Achutha is an IIT graduate from NITIE, Mumbai. A work assignment on Tehran for a petrochemical company was responsible for a $30 million dollar deal. When the Iranian team arrived in India, Achutha was neither in the dealing room nor in the photo. This sent him on an ego trip and the entrepreneurial bug bit him.

As he developed internal communication systems, he was at a point where tech and software met. Most of the development he did was deeply technical. When he started out on his own, he was doing the most basic data entry for a US client. Then LG sub-contract happened and got some traction. Slowly, they stood for the highest quality in global cataloguing services. Mostly for B2B clients.


One of their clients paid a cost to develop a product CIMM2. That was a game changer. Today, they have 106 customers using this product with 600+ employees with a majority of them in Mysuru.

On the future of e-commerce in India, he felt there will be a lot of cannibalisation. All their clients are based out of US. They are mid-size companies from $50Mn to $500Mn.

On personalisation, he felt that the future will see no privacy. “Systems would know you, your preferences, and your social media activity. Recommendations flow would be unique. Now, we take basic recommender service. But this will evolve big time,” he said.

The only negativity about Mysore is connectivity. Otherwise, it is cheaper, less congested than Bengaluru and there is great talent and great educational system. The potential of people here is extremely high as we belong to a very intelligent race.

On Entrepreneurship and spirituality, he said it is a tough balance. Organisations by definition are greedy. They need to provide growth to their employees and make profits to pay them.

“The US customers are unforgiving and demanding. They expect constant communication, and that is a talent we lack. Also, adherence to processes is a high priority for them,” he said.


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