Circular of Education Dept had errors, but no one does it intentionally: MP V Srinivas Prasad

Mysuru, November 18:- “Those who spoke lightly about the Constitution of India in the past have apologised. Dr B R Ambedkar and Dalit community have a relationship like a mother and a child. The circular released by the Education Department had some errors, but no one does it intentionally,” said Chamarajanagar Member of Parliament V Srinivas Prasad at a press meet held at a private hotel in the city on Saturday.

“Ambedkar is the source of strength for oppressed Dalits. Even Ambedkar knew that he alone didn’t draft the Constitution. There were 7 members in the Constitution Drafting Committee. Ambedkar was also one among them. While discussing, everyone unanimously selected Ambedkar as the chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee. His suggestions and contributions are immense to the drafting of the Constitution of India,” he said.

“Members of the drafting committee, Krishnamachari, Babu Rajendra Prasad and Benagal Narasimha Rao appreciated Dr Ambedkar for his role in drafting the Constitution continuously for 193 days. But the recent circular of Education Department had some errors. It is done without the notice of the state government. Though the Education Department had instructed the concerned authorities to bring it to its notice, the circular was uploaded on the website. Government has taken action against the officials who had done the mistake. The Education Minister has informed this to me. Those who are speaking against the government should understand this and stop this right there. We get excited when we hear the name of Dr Ambedkar,” he added.

‘Siddaramaiah has no shame’

Prasad responded to the statement of AH Vishwanath who said he was behind the collapse of the Congress – Janata Dal (Secular) coalition government. “Problem had started ever since the formation of the coalition government. Congress and JD(S) had abused each other before the elections. Siddaramaiah had commented that H D Kumaraswamy would not become the chief minister. But what happened after the results? Congress high command supported JD(S) unconditionally to form the government. Where was Siddaramaiah then?” Prasad asked.

“Senior MLAs were struggling in the coalition government. When Siddaramaiah said he would become chief minister again during Lok Sabha elections, 17 MLAs rebelled against him. He is still saying the same. Even when he was the chief minister, he ran to Badami to contest the election. Despite being the chief minister, he lost the election in his home constituency in Mysuru by a margin of 36,000. Does he have any sense of shame? Siddaramaiah has now nowhere to go,” Prasad said. (MR/KS)

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