CIST celebrates 125th birth anniversary of Dr Ambedkar

“Dr B R Ambedkar cannot be restricted to any one com­munity,” opined Department of Gandhian Studies Director Prof S Shivarajappa recently.

He was speaking after inaugurating the 125th birth anniversary celebrations of Dr B R Ambedkar organised by the Centre for Informa­tion Science and Technol­ogy (CIST) at its premises.

Addressing the gathering, he said that Dr Ambedkar worked for the betterment of OBCs, women empow­erment, farmers and SC,ST but the present situation is different.

“He stood up against the social, economical and political dictatorship and opposed many social evils like untouchability and was a visionary and adopted the principles of Basavanna , Buddha, Vivekananda and other leaders; his contribu­tion in framing the Constitu­tion is remarkable. He was a ray of hope and strived to bring out a society in the lines of equality, liberty and fraternity.”

“Dr Ambedkar and his values are not just restricted to one community, he fought for the rights of every human being, he added.

The students who per­formed well in sports were felicitated on the occasion. In his presidential address, director M A Sudhakar high­lighted the contribution of Dr Ambedkar. Student and fac­ulty members were present.

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