Citizens air traffic woes at MGP meeting

A large number of citizens who had gathered at the Mysore Gra­hakara Parishat (MGP) monthly meeting shared their experienc­es of traffic woes and demanded that multiple traffic lights on the same road be synchronised.

Non-functioning of traffic lights, need for more traffic lights, need to synchronise multiple traf­fic lights on the same road, violation of traffic regulations by the public, haphazard parking of vehicles on the footpaths obstructing the move­ment of people, encroachment of pedestrian paths, half completed road projects such as widening of roads, poor maintenance of roads were some of the issues highlighted by the participants at the meeting.

The public noted that the police were more concerned about collect­ing fines from traffic offenders rather than prevention of violation of The Motor Vehicles Act.

Prof Shankara, one of the participants at the meeting, complained about impounding of two wheelers by the ‘Tiger Group’ without leaving any receipt or a note thus creating panic among the owners.

A majority at the meeting, rued the reckless driving among the youth and disdain for the traffic rules. There was a need to curb the rise in the number of accidents, they noted.

Vivekananda, Circle Inspector [Traffic] V V Puram Police Station mentioned that the traffic police department was plagued by shortage of staff. And despite that it was working hard to control traffic violations and ensure safety both to the motorists and the public.

He said that traffic lights were being installed and synchronisation of a few traffic lights was in the pipeline. The patrolling by motorcycle-borne traffic police was able to contain traffic violations effectively.

He added that the police department would soon work towards making information available to owners of two wheelers on their vehicles being seized.

He further stressed that it was also the responsibility of parents to educate their children about safe driving which would in the long run save many lives.

Chandra Prakash, President of MGP, citizens including Dr Rajan, Dr Jayaram, Dr Dutta, Dr Bhamy She¬noy, Colonel Mahendra, Sri Ashvini Ranjan, Shah, Ramanath. Executive members Dr Manjunath, Shobana, Sheshadri, Saokar, P M Bhat were present.

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