Citizens, WeLoveU Foundation clean People’s Park in city

International WeLoveU ob­served May 22 as the worlds ‘Clean Day’. The global wel­fare organisation called it the ‘Clean World Movement to cope with Climate Change.’

The purpose of the day is that the world should join together to clean its environ­ment which is the foundation of human welfare. Countries of the world including India, South Korea, Malaysia, Phil­ippines, Taiwan, Mongolia, Cambodia, USA, UK, France, Netherland, Australia, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Rep. South Africa and many more par­ticipated in the movement to clean its environment.

As a part of this, Sunday morning, about 100 people gathered at People’s Park in the city. People from all walks of life as it was a holiday par­ticipated by volunteering joy­fully in this cleanliness drive. The resultant effort saw two truck loads (around 80 bags) of garbage being collected.

B L Byrappa, Mayor of Mysore City Corporation at­tended the event and gave a speech of encouragement and appreciation by saying “Today WeLoveU Foundation with the good intention to clean In­dia has held the ‘Clean World Movement’in our city. People’s Park has become dirty be­cause of the garbage dumped here. The members of the foundation with the permis­sion of Mysore city Corporation were allowed to clean this area. Each and every member has cleaned it with utmost sin­cerity. I’m really thankful to the foundation for their efforts. I wish that they continue to ren­der such voluntary services in the future too.”

Reena said “today around the whole world we have held this Clean World Movement voluntary service. To survive, a good and clean environment is very essential. We have unitedly put-in effort with this in mind. The inspiration behind this vol­untary service is our love for mother nature”.

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