CITU calls for nationwide protest on Sept 2

Centre trade unions have decided to call an all India protest on September 2. “The proposed nationwide protest is to express opposition to union government over its series of anti-labour policies and failing to control price rise,” said Centre of Indian Trade Union State president VJK Nair.

He was speaking after inaugurating CITU’s eighth conference at Geetha Mandir here on Saturday. Nair said that labour organisations would unite and agitate against the union government. Both state and central governments are favouring the rich people and they have completely neglected the working class, he said.

“Legislators and parliamentarians are busy making policies favouring corporate companies and not for the welfare of our people. Policymakers are only bothered about making profits and are helping MNCs loot the nation. Though 1407 farmers committed suicide in Karnataka last year, both central and state governments have failed to protect their interests,” he said.

The labour community must stand up and condemn the anti-labour policies and practices and they should obtain their rights as per constitution. An organized effort is needed to prevent attrocities against working class, he added.

During the conference more than three hundred members and leaders of labour organisations across the district took part.

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