City-based dancers enthrall audience on Shivaratri

Renowned Bharatanatyam artiste Badari Divya Bhushan and artistes of Bhushan’s Academy of Performing Arts & Visual Presentation, performed at Srikanteshwara  Temple, Nanjangudu for Shivarathri from 7 pm to 10.30 pm.

The acclaimed artiste, Bhushan along with his talented students kept thousands of audiences glued to their seat for three and a half hours presenting a unique choreographed piece “Shaiva Margam” on Lord Shiva. A Melaprapthi followed by a Bho shambho and uniquely choreographed Mahdevashivashambho with many intricate karanas enthralled the audience. His interaction with the audience made the show all the more fascinating.

He presented both classical as well as a few neo Bharatanatyam pieces from his repertoire. Academy students Maithri Rao, Anupama Rao, Divyasree, Neha, Devika, Shamitha, Anjana, Bhoomika Prasad presented the choreographed pieces. Lights were by Yashoda and Pictures by shalini.


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