City get its first digital library at JP Nagar

The city gets its first digital library at J P Nagar. The existing public library is now equipped with computer systems with Internet facility to facilitate students and readers access books, journals and relevant content.

As many as 10 computers have been installed at the library which has nearly 1,000 members. The Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) will monitor the use of the service and look after its maintenance. The e-library facility will soon to be extended to the public libraries across the city.

While it was the public library department that thought of the mobile library service, it was MLC G Madhusudhan who conceptualised the idea of e-library. Access to computers will be restricted using passwords and the content surfed on the computers will be continuously monitored.

The facility will be available to members free of cost while others will have to pay Rs 10 per hour. Users can also print material, either in black and white or colour, for a fixed price per sheet. The e-library will be open to all members and non-members, said Deputy Director of Department of Libraries, B Manjunath in a press note.

A trained supervisor will be responsible for its maintenance along with two staff members. “Prohibited websites will be blocked and candidates will have to follow the guidelines of the e-library. Browsers using more than 100mb will be charged extra,” Manjunath added.

The project has been developed at a cost of Rs 13.5 lakh. Built in 2011, the public library at JP Nagar has 971-strong membership. Besides being equipped with 10,020 books, the library also subscribes to 54 magazines and 24 daily newspapers and functions between 9 am and 7 pm.

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