City police get hi-tech surveillance system

The surveillance technology also is an energy saver

The city police are fully geared up technologically to face any sensitive situation and maintain law and order. An instance for this is the specially procured CCTV camera monitoring mobile vehicle that was silently operational at an event in Hinkal on Sunday.

The vehicle, equipped with hi-tech wireless CCTV cameras, monitored and recorded the proceedings of the event. Along with the cameras mounted atop the vehicle, several other cameras were placed atop buildings and were connected to the vehicles through wireless technology and were monitored by personnel inside the vehicle.

According to police sources, the vehicle was summoned from Bengaluru especially for the purpose. LED screens inside the vehicle can monitor up to 10 cameras placed at different angles. The technology enables the police to monitor any gathering and help them deal with communally sensitive issue.

The surveillance technology used here is also an energy saver by maximum utilisation of all the available servers and reduces operating costs and carbon emissions.

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