City set to celebrate Eid tomorrow

“Ammi, I don’t want those bangles, I want these blues ones,” shouted little Heena who had come along with her mother to Meena Bazar on Tuesday evening to shop for Eid that is due on July 7 (tomorrow).

Like her, there were many children, men and women who had thronged for festival shopping at Meena Bazar that turns out to be a shoppers’ paradise especially during Ramzan.

With just a day left for Eid-ul-Fitr, celebrated the next day after the end of Ramadan, shopping destinations across the city, especially Meena Bazar, were packed with festive shoppers.

People were seen buying clothes, bangles, fancy jewellery, cosmetics, perfumes, skull caps, crockeries and dry fruits. Huge crowd is seen at the jewellery and clothing shops and people bargaining for the best price was a common sight. Since decades, Meena Bazar has turned out be the centre for Eid shopping as it has everything to offer.

“I prefer shopping here than going to malls. I get all the things that are required during the celebration at reasonable rates. I see a huge difference of rates for dresses and sarees here,” Rehana, one of the shoppers told City Today.

Visitors to Meena Bazar can also sample a range of sumptuous dishes with shops and temporary put up stalls serving mouth-watering cuisines.

Shoppers crowd Meena Bazar on Sawdey Road on Tuesday evening for last minute purchase


It is also ‘Eid’ for shopkeepers as businesses during the last 10 days of Ramadan surges dramatically. “Business at Meena Bazar and surrounding areas has improved as many people are coming to shop for Eid. Demands for Palazzo and Karachi dresses has increased. The business had almost doubled from the last few days,” said Javed, a shop owner.

Mosques in the city have been illuminated with colourful lights for the Eid celebration. It is a feast to eyes to walk alongside beautifully illuminated mosques on Ashoka Road, Mandi Mohalla, Sawday Road and in other parts of the city.

Demand for Mehendi

Women were seen beautifying their hands with Mehendi designs. A lot of mehendiwalaas, even from North India, who were operating in different parts of the city, have shifted to Meena Bazar in order to do good business. Besides, fancy jewellery stores too have stocked up Mehendi cones following a huge demand.

What Muslims do on Eid

Attired in new clothes, Muslims greet each other saying ‘Eid Mubarak’. The wish is exchanged after they offer special prayer at the mosques or Idgahs prior to which the Islamic scholars will deliver a sermon. They also visit their neighbours and relatives.

The Idgah Maidan being spruced up

Children receive gifts in form of money from their parents, siblings and relatives which is called ‘Eidi’.

Sumptuous dishes are prepared that include Sheer Khurma, sweet made of dates and dry fruits, vermicelli sweet, etc., and an array of non-veg dishes never skip  their menu.

Eid might not be a day of celebration for poor who cannot afford good food. It is for that reason every Muslim is directed to give in charity a small share of grain (around 2.5 kg per head) to poor before going to Eid prayer. The purpose of this charitable donation is to ensure that all members of the community have food to eat after Ramadan and during the Eid.


Ramzan will be celebrated on Thursday following non sighting of moon. The decision was taken at the Mysore District Moon Committee meeting held here on Wednesday.  The meeting was presided over by Sir Khazi of Mysore Hazrath Moulana Mohammed Usman Sharif Saheb.

Janab Ariff A Mehkri, convener of the Mysore District Moon Committee, collected information from various parts of the district and decided the day of celebrations. After discussion with the central moon sighting committee which met at Bengaluru, it was decided to celebrate Eid on Thursday.

The Jamait-E-Ahle Hadees will celebrate Eid by performing Namaz-e-Eid at Rajiv Nagar open grounds near Shabnam Function Hall at 8.00 am on Thursday.


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